Bespoke cabinetry born of true virtuosity

At Rothwell & Thomas, Bespoke is not just a word, it is a way of life. Entirely bespoke cabinets and architectural joinery are our raison d’être, our lifetime’s obsession. In fact, our commitment to totally bespoke creations is what sets us apart from ordinary furniture makers.

So when you invite us to discuss the transformation of any room in your home, we will arrive with a blank sheet of paper, not a catalogue. We will also listen before we speak, and once we have heard your wishes we will present you with a design solution that is imaginative, exquisite and above all uniquely yours.

Once we have received your commission, our own time-served craftsmen will create every element from the finest materials and then fit out your room with old-fashioned finesse and the most exacting attention to detail. From walk-in wardrobes to breathtaking bathrooms, evoking period elegance or contemporary opulence, we are here to transform anything you can imagine into something you will love.

We believe in the desirability of individual design, the integrity of our expert craftspeople and the expertise of our own, fully employed fitters.

The only thing that comes as standard at Rothwell & Thomas is individuality. Every design is informed by your aspirations and made real by one of our talented, experienced designers. This means that every item is bespoke to your needs, in perfect proportion, and designed to fit beautifully and seamlessly into your home.
Great cabinetry demands great carpentry. So our workshops are home to a wealth of time-served craftspeople, working with only the finest materials. This is your assurance that whether your design calls for solid oak or painted pine, every detail will be hand crafted, to ensure that beauty and longevity go hand in hand.
When you opt for bespoke furniture, you have a right to demand perfection. However, that isn’t always possible when freelance fitters are used. So we trust only to our own full-time, time-served craftspeople. This ensures that every dovetail and every detail of your fitted and finished room is exactly as it should be.

Step into our favourite rooms

By kind permission of our gracious clients, we are pleased and proud to invite you into just a few of the bespoke rooms we have created over the last few years.

Kind words from some of our clients